Our Mission…

“Recognizing the high value of arts education, the Contoocook Valley Visual and Performing Arts Center Committee, in partnership with all district towns, is working to design and build a multi-purpose arts facility that will serve as a performing arts center, instructional space and regional venue for arts events and exhibitions.”


The Contoocook Valley Visual and Performing Arts Center (ConVal VPAC) is a registered NH non-profit organization. We are in the process of applying for Federal 501(c)(3) status, and researching funding alternatives.

The Facility…

A 500-seat auditorium; a stage that will support band, chorus, theater and dance performances. It will be located in the space where it was originally intended to be built (between the gymnasium and the classrooms). It will include art exhibition space, and instructional space available to the school and community. The building will be constructed with a commitment toward energy-saving green technologies, and NH materials and construction services.
It will be used for District student performances, and open to any performing groups in the district to take advantage of it. We plan to build a high caliber facility that will be an attractive venue for artists from beyond the region, to draw interest and enhance economy. We’re still working on how to manage programs and coordinate the use of the facility once it’s built. As the vision includes community-building, non-profit organization / events may have different cost scale from for-profit events.


We’re still developing our estimates.  We’re focusing on achieving what we need from private fund-raising and grants. We’re seeking involvement and engagement from people who are excited about the project.

Community Need…

The committee is convinced of the value the facility and its programs will bring to the community on three fronts:

Educational…Promotion of skills identified by parents and Conval for students to be successful in their post-graduate years, among them:

  • presentation skills
  • organizational skills
  • empathy
  • collaboration
  • critical thinking/problem solving
  • calm in crisis
  • ability to work to deadline
  • awareness of perception of others
  • courage
  • resourcefulness
  • team player
  • versatility
  • flexibility
  • financial and project management
  • ability to communicate

Future Employees…re committed to working with the business community to ensure our public schooling is training valuable workers for the future.

Economic Vitality…Studies confirm that arts exhibitions and performance programs promote economic vitality. A strong program in the center of the community will be a feature that attracts residents seeking quality education for their children and a full lifestyle for themselves and their families.

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