Building Connections through Creative Expression

Imagine a venue that provides an optimal space for ConVal High School’s music and theatre arts programming; that can accommodate local community arts organizations; and that can host visiting artists and special events.

High-quality space for creative experience and events:

  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Concerts and Opera
  • Community Theatre
  • Lectures
  • Films
  • Festivals

An inviting venue for presenters and visiting performers:

  • Presentations, such as TEDx Talks
  • Guest Artists

Dedicated facilities for student music and theatre productions:

  • 400-Seat theatre for school concerts and plays
  • Capacity to stage large productions, such as musicals with choreography, or smaller shows
  • Flexible space to accommodate band, orchestra, pit orchestra, choruses, chamber music
  • Classroom-sized control booth equipped for technical instruction and hands-on training

Facility Features

  • Flexible, adaptable space
  • Concert-grade acoustics
  • ADA-compliant facility
  • Comfortable audience seating

For more about architectural concept, see Architecture

Thornton Wilder - Center for the Arts