Elizabeth Halper, Treasurer
Peterborough, New Hampshire
Administrator, Cathedral of the Pines

Why have you chosen “Fill the Void” for your volunteer commitment?

My love of theatre and the arts started at the age of thirteen. I became involved in local community youth theatre during my high school summer vacations growing up in Stamford, CT. These programs attracted youth from all over Fairfield County and my very first musical “Carousel” featured Treat Williams as Mr. Snow and the late David Carroll (Tony Award nominee for his roles in “Chess” and “Grand Hotel”), as Billy Bigelow! I will never forget standing in the wings during our final dress rehearsal of “Carousel” watching Billy Bigelow drive a knife into his heart rather than face a life in prison. I bawled my eyes out as he was so believable! This rehearsal made such an impression on me and changed the direction of my life. My love of theatre and performing arts continued onto college and beyond.

I first became involved with ConVal Drama in 2006 when my daughter was performing in “Working” under the direction of Kathy Manfre and Ray Sweeney. My involvement with the drama program continued to grow and I often reflected to myself, “Why does a school of this size and reputation not have a proper facility to showcase the talents of our youth as well as offer a venue for other outside organizations?” My passion for the arts has transitioned into a passion for bringing a true “Performing Arts Center” to the high school…where it belongs… and for all to enjoy!

I remember directing a student in “Damn Yankees” at ConVal High School in 2011. He was a senior and had never been in a musical or play. As we worked through the rehearsal process, he shared with me this comment: “Mrs H,” (that’s what they call me) “I now know what I want to do with my life!”

That’s what the arts are about…changing lives in a positive way!


Born and raised in Stamford, CT, Liz performed in her first musical Carousel at the age of thirteen. She continued to perform locally throughout high school which inspired her to study Theatre Arts in college. Post college years were spent singing, acting and dancing with multiple community theatre groups while attending graduate school in New York to obtain her MBA in accounting.

After directing many shows at ConVal High School, Liz began to explore the possibility of building a “true” Performing Arts Center at ConVal and was one of the persons instrumental in the startup of this effort.

She currently works at Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge, NH.

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