The Board of Directors of Thornton Wilder Center for the Arts is terminating the arts center project and dissolving the organization as of December 31, 2020. The Board takes this action with deep regret.

The project has not garnered enough financial support to remain viable. The objective was to build a venue to meet the long-unmet performing arts needs of ConVal High School students, and to offer space for community use.

Since the initiative began in 2012, the Board has achieved many significant milestones. These include an assessment of facility needs of the high school and local performing arts organizations; commission of a beautiful and flexible design from Scully/Architects and nextstage design; and gaining the endorsement of Thornton Wilder’s family to name the facility in Wilder’s honor, strengthening the connection between Peterborough and the playwright of “Our Town.” Despite these accomplishments, however, overall circumstances—including the arrival of COVID-19—preclude further efforts at this time.

Black Fly Story Hour, established as a fundraising vehicle for Thornton Wilder Center for the Arts, has run bi-annually for several years and become a highly popular event in the community. The hope is to continue it in some new incarnation, but more specific plans are on hold until audiences may safely gather again.

The Board of Thornton Wilder Center for the Arts is deeply grateful to all the students, families, and arts enthusiasts who have contributed to this endeavor with voluntarism, passion, and financial donations. The journey has been fulfilling and rewarding, due largely to the supporters who have become friends as they offered their time, talents, and treasure to the cause.

The Board is also grateful to Thornton Wilder’s family for their permission to use his name for the planned facility.

Thornton Wilder - Center for the Arts